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Carolin Soldo Review: Turning day dreams into reality

Updated: Sep 26, 2018

My experience with Carolin Soldo and her Brand Your Passions Program

Everyone has a mission, whether you are Carolin Soldo, or one of the wonderful coaches who are part of her team Belinda Glitter, Tara Zirker, Lisa Broesch-Weeks, or even if you are Oprah, Tony Robbins, or Rhonda Byrne, everyone has a mission.

My mission is to share knowledge to motivate and inspire self-love so that women worldwide can evolve and reveal to the world their beautiful smiles. Every mission has a journey and there are many routes on mine, but one of them has been partaking in Carolin Soldo’s Brand Your Passion Program. And in this blog I will share with you my experience with Carolin Soldo and her Brand Your Passions Program, as a vital stepping stone in my journey to bringing my dreams in to my reality.

I discovered Carolin Soldo on a Saturday afternoon, sitting on my sofa scrolling through facebook. I am a huge believer in the power of the universe, ask and you shall receive, and the evening before I had gone to bed asking the universe to support me in my journey, as I develop my coaching business, and bring forth into my life resources that would allow me to grow and develop the ideas from within my head into a business that I could communicate put out there into the world for women to see.

The advert I saw from Carolin was just what I needed, and as I stopped and read I knew that the universe was answering my request, so I joined up to Carolin’s webinar from Passion to Profits, which was taking place that same day and jumped at the chance to have my own Breakthrough Session with a member of her team. Listening to Carolin’s webinar I heard her passion for helping women to turn their passions into a profitable business, the way she described her journey and her struggles and how she wanted to share her knowledge to empower other women on their business development journeys. Later looking through her website, the description of Carolin as the ‘Fairy Godmother of Coaches’ jumped out of the page at me. As a lover of Walt Disney and a true fan of Cinderella, I knew again that the universe had listened to my request, delivering my own Fairy Godmother to help me turn the wishes that my heart had made into a tangible, profitable and successful business platform that serves and supports women worldwide to become the best versions of themselves and live their dreams.

Carolin Soldo - The Fairy Godmother for Coaches

After my Breakthrough Session with Gemma I knew I wanted to be a part of Carolin’s Brand Your Passion Programme, I had an idea, all I lacked was the framework, the business foundation, to turn this idea, into something that I could share so that women could see how I can be of service to them.

A few years ago I found myself in a place where I was lost, I didn’t know who I was and was living a life isolated from not only those around me but more importantly from myself. Looking back now there was not a single moment that I can pinpoint when I truly lost myself, it was more like a slow process of fading over a course of time, just gradually disappearing bit by bit, until a wave of darkness engulfed me. I was going to bed at night asking whether this was it, if this was all that my life would be. And although there had always been a part of me which whispered back no there is more, I ignored it, until eventually I hit rock bottom and started to believe that ending my life would be better than living it. One point I do remember very clearly though, the point when everything changed, three and a half years ago, the 27th June 2015 when I woke up and realised that my life was worth living and that I had to fight for it. Since then I have been on my own personal development journey, challenging myself, developing my mind, facing and overcoming my demons so that I now live a life of self-acceptance, self-love, gratitude, and self-belief, where I share the most magical experiences and relationship, live a life of abundance and adventure. I am living my best life as my best self, and although I know I will continue to grow (my journeys not over yet, and it never will be) I do it now with a belief that anything is possible, and if it is possible for me, then it is possible for you. To read more about my story click here.

Through Nicola Codling Coaching and The Empowered Women Project (keep your eyes open, more details to come shortly!!) I want to serve other professional women, and female business owners, who go to bed at night or find themselves wondering during the day whether this is all there is to life. Women who like me believe that sadness is common place, that stress and anger and tears are normal daily or weekly occurrences, who ignore the feeling that they are here to do more, that they can be more and who observe their dreams as nothing more than flashes of a reality that are out of reach. I want to share with you the route back to the women you truly are, to all the unique wonderfulness that this life has given to you alone, and they way that you can realise and release, your magic, your personal power, and how in releasing it you can use it to turn your dreams into your daily reality. Click here to book your discovery call with me, where we can explore how I can support you.

I pride myself in my dedication to develop myself to be the best that I can be so that I can give the best offer to women and serve to the best of my ability. I have trained with the Association for Coaching and gained my Accredited Diploma in Coach Training, ILM Level 7, with multiple coaching models within my portfolio which ensures that the coaching service I provide allows my clients to experience massive leaps forwards in their lives over short periods of time, with lasting results. I am also in the process of studying to become a Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner, which will further still my service to my clients.

I am a coach that coaches from the heart, my message and my intention is always underpinned by my mission, and a vision of a reality in which I see women standing together, empowering one another and celebrating one another’s unique beauty. Alone we can achieve great things but together we can achieve anything!

My greatest success working so far with Carolin and her team is the recognition that community is key, that anything is possible when you break it down into manageable tasks and that you are never ever alone, it is always ok to ask others, experts, coaches, fellow students for support!

One piece of advice that I would share with other coaches trying to scale their coaching business is that yes you can do it alone, but I would advise you to seek support and share in the wonderful experience of doing it together. As a coach I think we all share the secret that we believe we need to be seen as always having it together. We almost feel the need to be superhuman, that happy positive person that doesn’t face any challenges. But in reality we are human and when you start trying to figure out the mystery that is marketing, and the minefield that is facebook ads, knowing that you have a community of support behind you, to ask questions, to seek advice from, to share tips or hints that make that good campaign great, then you can calmly approach the mystery with a firm sense of direction, knowing that you’ve got your BYP Coaches and BYP sisters right there with you if and when you may need them. An unwritten secret but a well-known truth, every coach needs a coach, put your trust in BYP and you don’t just get one you get multiple, a coaches wish granted by the Fairy Godmother of Coaches.

With the guidance of BYP I will be launching my new 8 week1:1 coaching programme Time to Shine in January 2019. This programme will provide the blueprint to realising and releasing your personal power. Through working 1:1 with me over 8 weekly modules and 8 1:1 coaching calls I will take you on a journey of self actualisation, and self discovery. Together we will tap into your personal power, your innate confidence, strength, knowledge, reigniting your heart felt passions and desires, so that you can evolve over the course of 8 weeks into the women who you were born to be, making the rest of your life the best of your life, happier, healthier, vibrant, determined, empowered!

Also coming soon is The Empowered Women’s Project, a community for women provided by women from the heart. Where women from all over the world will be able to come together to share their knowledge, their secrets, their trials and fears. With daily inspiration and motivation published to support women as they evolve, sharing the insider secrets of inspirational women worldwide, as well as providing access to free downloads, videos, and my available course and programmes that provide tools and tips to help you to live your best life, like my free download 4 simple steps to choose happy, available here. Plus so so much more!!! To express your interest in hearing more about The Empowered Women Project then email me at

Your dreams come to you in many different ways, whether you see them in your minds as an insight into all that could be or you write them down into your journal as a fleeting thought from the day. However your dreams come to you, remember this…no one else has your dreams, no one else will see what you see when you close your eyes or picture the possibility of something the way that you see it. Your dreams come to you, for you, from the innate truth of the person that you were placed on this earth to be. Don’t lock your dreams away into your head, listen to your heart whispers that say that there is more out there for you. Feel the fear of change and make the choice to reach out for support.

You alone must take the step to embrace your greatness, you were born to live your dreams.

If you want to connect with Carolin or speak with her team about any of her programs, you can do so at

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